LVW12-55T / LVW12-50T

For most 50″-55″ LED, LCD flat-panel TVs

A Reliable & Affordable Mount With All Functionalities You Need To Deliver Quality Content.

●Post-Install Display Alignment: for seamless digital signage(height, depth, tilt adjustment)
●Pop-Out Extension: provides quick access for installation and maintenance
●Easy Assembly: Installation is as easy as 1-2-3

Pop-Out Extension

Pop-Out Extension: provides quick access for installation and maintenance

Quick Assembly

Assemble a Videowall the quickest way, Only measure one videowall mount and then just stack others to the side.

Adjustable Width

Adjust the width as per your Display size

Depth Adjustment

Perfect to bring your display at the same depth

Tilt Adjustment

Not a plain Wall? Not An issue, you can just align your displays using these Precise Display Alignment.

Height Adjustable

Adjust the height to match your other displays

Lateral Adjustment

Lateral Adjustment which is perfect to maintain minimum gap between the display

Anti-Theft lock Hole

We make sure that your precious Display Is safe

Specifications :
  • Product Category: Video Wall Mount,Video Wall Mount & Stand
  • Rank: Premium
  • Material: Steel,Plastic
  • Metal Sheet Thickness: Wall Plate THK=2.5mm pickling sheet,Bracket Arm THK=2mm cold-rolled sheet
  • Surface Finish: Powder Coating
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Color(Accessory): Matte Black
  • Dimensions: 1230×85~263x485mm (48.4″x3.3″~10.4″x19.1″)
  • Fit Screen Size: 50″-55″
  • VESA Compatible: 200×200,300×200,400×200,300×300,400×300,400×400,600×400,800×400
  • Max. Mounting Hole: 800×400
  • Weight Capacity(Per Screen): 70kg (154lbs)
  • Screen Qty: 1
  • Strength Tested: 4 Times Approved
  • Profile: 85~263mm (3.3″~10.4″)
  • Fine Adjustment(Depth/Height): 13mm/15mm (0.51″/0.59″)
  • Tilt Range: +4°~-2°
  • Installation: Solid Wall
  • Direction Indicator: Yes
  • Cable Management: No
  • Anti-theft: Yes
  • Bubble Level: No
  • Accessory Kit Package: Normal/Ziplock Polybag,Compartment Polybag

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