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fixed & tilt tv wall mount


Wall mount bracket is a must for all the innovative TVs. Arihant Infomatics has innovatively and elegantly designed to get the optimum viewing experience. We have wall mount for almost all TV sizes and company, it can carry weight upto 100kg. Wall mount stand helps in getting the suitable viewing position, it also helps in holding the TV safely. Wall mounts can be used at your house and offices too. Varieties available in wall mount bracket are Fixed and tilt wall mount, Motorized wall mount, Swivel Wall mount and menu board wall mount.


Arihant Infomatics is the leading TV Wall mount bracket distributor and wholesaler in India. We have elegantly and innovatively designed to get the optimal viewing experience. It is completely safe and functional for total protection.
We have TV wall mount stand, Adjustable TV wall Mount, TV wall brackets, LED wall stand, TV brackets, LED TV wall bracket. We have wide variety of wall mount bracket like fixed and tilt wall mount, swivel wall mount, menu board wall mount and motorized wall mount. If you are planning to buy TV wall bracket in wholesale at reasonable price then we are the best option.

Our Wall Mount Brackets are:


Benefits of using
Wall Mount Bracket

Optimal Viewing Experience

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Meaning full solution for everyday use

Arihant Infomatics offers wall mount bracket which helps in making your life much easier for you and your family. Our wall mounts can be used at your house and at your workplace as well. We create in such a way so that it becomes less complicated for you.

Making the Best Use of your space

With our LED wall stand, you can fit TVs up to 84“ in any corner of your room and tilt, swivel, or rotate from 180% horizontal to 20% vertical with ease and precision. Ideal for corner mounting without straining your neck


TV wall brackets ensures safety of TV getting knocked over by your kids and pets. If they are on stand there are high chances of your TV getting damaged. TV wall mount stand prevents accidental bumps, keeping your loved one and your TV safe.


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